Worship at Harding Stables

Upcoming Plans for Sunday Morning Worship

Over the next 5 weeks, May 31st - June 28, we will be meeting at Harding Stables in Tifton for worship. Below are the details and guidelines we're using to resume worship safely. We look forward to seeing each other again.


While we’re excited to begin worshiping together again, it’s important for us to be cautious and wise. It can’t be overstated how important our unity and love for each other is as the body of Christ.

Here are some details:

Guidelines as we meet:  

  • If you don’t feel comfortable meeting publicly yet, feel free to join us remotely on Facebook or Zoom. No one should feel judged for meeting or not meeting.  
  • If you’ve experienced fever or other symptoms within three days (Thurs-Sat) leading up to the worship service, please plan to stay home and join our live service.  
  • Observe Social Distancing practices (Maintain 6 ft of distance between people outside your immediate household. Refrain from handshaking, hugging or other forms of physical contact., for now...).  
  • You are welcome to wear a face mask, but they are not mandatory.  
  • No children’s activities are scheduled at this time. Children are welcome during the worship service and will never be considered a distraction. Our children’s ministry will resume in the near future.  
  • Please dress comfortably for the weather like you would for a cookout or other outdoor event this time of year. We are gathering up fans that should help with heat and insects. Feel free to bring your own handheld fans and/or bug spray.  
  • Our goal, as much as possible, will be to have a touchless service. We will not be handing out any bulletins or other paper products. The only thing you should have to touch is the chair you sit in.  
  • You’re welcome to bring your own coffee or water. Chairs will be provided but you are welcome to bring outdoor chairs from home if that would make you more comfortable. 
  • We will post the lyrics for our songs on our website so that you can access them on your smart phone or tablet.

If we have learned anything over the past few months, worshiping our Savior with our brothers and sisters is an incredible privilege. As we gather again, let's come with prayerful hearts anticipating God's blessings. Prayerfully consider inviting people you know who need to experience God's love.